Garage doors repair and maintenance in Phillipsburg, NJ

At Always On Time Doors, we can provide you with expert repair and maintenance services for your garage door.

Contact us now at 978-213-9474 to make an appointment or to have your garage door questions answered. We can even respond to emergencies, and will have a technician at your location within 24 hours.


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Why call us? If you are located in the Phillipsburg area, we should be your first choice for all your garage door maintenance needs. Our experts have years of in-the-field experience. They have the knowledge to handle any type of repair, no matter how complicated. This expertise means that we have confidence in our repairs. You can be certain that your door will work correctly and smoothly and the issues that made maintenance necessary will be completely fixed.

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You need your garage door to work perfectly every day. If you work with us, that is exactly what you will get: a perfectly operating garage door. If something else should go wrong, you can call us or complete our online form and we will be right there to fix it.

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What can we do? Here are some examples of repairs you might need to make.

  • Check the operating system for weathertightness. We can replace insulating strips if needed.
  • Make certain that the door opens smoothly and safely every time. We can check the springs, balance the door and add lubrication.
  • Check safety mechanisms to make certain that everything is working correctly.
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Garage doors are heavy and some of the components are under a lot of tension. If they are not operating correctly, they can be dangerous for anyone who opens or closes them. For these reasons, you need an expert on hand to safely make repairs. Not only does this protect you from danger, but it can also give you peace of mind. Our technicians use the best components and they know exactly how to repair and test each part of the door system.


We handle major garage door repairs and emergency maintenance, but we can also provide PREVENTIVE maintenance. We have preventative maintenance programs for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential garage doors. These can help you keep your door in perfect working order so that you never need to call us for emergency repairs.

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